About NUGen Pharmacy

NUGen Pharmacy is a specialised compounding pharmacy. In contrast to conventional community retail pharmacies that only dabble in compounding, we are 100% focussed on compounding and are therefore completely dedicated to providing the highest quality, competitively priced compounded medications. With our newly forged team of experienced pharmacists, naturopath and trained technicians, NUGen bring to the compounding industry an innovative, fresh approach to delivering evidence based, individualised solutions. Our commitment to quality compounding is evident in the level of attention NUGen has invested into:

labThe commissioning of a state-of -the-art compounding laboratory equipped with air quality control and monitoring technology ensuring not only the safety of NUGen staff and public, but also providing constant, ideal environmental conditions that protect compounded medications from moisture, light and cross-contamination.

teamThe development of a team attitude that promotes an uncompromising conviction for providing the highest quality medication to every customer. At NUGen we work under the premise that every customer is someone’s loved one that deserves the due care and consideration we each give to our own loved ones.

trainingRegular compounding training provided to all NUGen pharmacists and technicians, allowing us to stay at the forefront of contemporary compounding methods and procedures.

testedRoutine, third party analytical testing of our compounded medications, so our customers can feel confident that NUGen compounded medication are produced in compliance with all relevant pharmaceutical compounding guidelines.

If you have a medication or supplement that requires compounding or would like to make an enquiry please feel free to contact our friendly staff via one of the following options:



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email_icon.fw    info@nugenpharmacy.com.au

telephone_icon.fw    02 7900 2210

address_icon.fw    Level 1, 436-438 Burwood Road, Belmore NSW 2162



NUGen Pharmacy’s ongoing commitment to consistent quality compounding practice.

Every person is somebody’s loved one. At NUGen Pharmacy each personalised medication is carefully formulated, compounded and inspected by trained technicians and pharmacists, just as we would expect done for our own loved ones. In accordance with this commitment to quality and safety, NUGen have embedded several layers of quality control and assurance throughout the compounding process. We provide this information because we want our customers to have peace of mind, confident that NUGen take every practical measure to ensure the quality of our products as follows:

  • Every NUGen technician and pharmacist has completed specialised, tertiary delivered training in the safe compounding of pharmaceutical medicines
  • Additional, in-house technician training and performance measures are conducted routinely to ensure the continued consistency of compounding practices
  • All product formulations developed by our experienced pharmacists are based on best available evidence for efficacy and stability. NUGen’s partnership with MEDISCA, an industry leader in pharmaceutical compounding, provides added support for finding reliable solutions for tricky compounding cases
  • NUGen’s customised software and bar coding system offers additional checks and balances that minimises risk of error in the compounding process and documents batch numbers and expiry dates of all compounded medications
  • In-house validation of compounded products is conducted daily by NUGen pharmacists. Finished products are inspected for appearance, accuracy of weight and appropriate labelling before being dispatched.
  • Finally, NUGen routinely sends samples of each product dosage form for third party potency testing. Results have supported the the robustness of NUGen processes in consistently producing accurate doses that are compliant with pharmaceutical standards, even at doses below 1mg.